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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
Training and Support Services

Bed bugs have a dramatic impact on the lives of those affected.  Property management, already working hard to satisfy resident needs, can become overwhelmed by the negative consequences of bed bug infestations: negative publicity, time-intensive pre-pest control requirements, and potentially costly and repeated pest control remediation.  Residents bear the emotional brunt of beg bug outbreaks.  They can suffer emotionally and psychologically.  Sometimes residents (tenants) are reluctant to come forth with their suspicions of bed bugs because they are worried they will be perceived as dirty or they are worried about losing their housing.   Business owners are worried about consumer backlash, lost business and poor press when it comes to bed bugs.  Sometimes they convince themselves if they don’t know they won’t have to deal with it, which becomes a constant unresolved worry. 

Most of these reactions come from not having sufficient information…not knowing if bed bugs are present…not knowing what to do if they are found…not understanding how to prevent them in the first place. 

Hart-Shegos Inspection Services, LLC is in the business of helping residents, tenants, property owners and managers, and business owners learn more about bed bugs…

            Do I have bed bugs?  We can tell you if you have them and where they are.  Call:  651-756-8056  or 651-224-5509 today.   

            What do I do now that I know I have them?  We do not sell pest control services.  This provides us with an objectivity you can rely on.  However, we can help you find the service that best fits your needs by teaching you the questions to ask and the qualifications to look for.   We can help you get ready for a pest control response by offering onsite, or online training.  We can offer specialized training for staff and clients.  We can even connect you with specialized tenant support services to help your tenants better understand and prepare for inspections and pest control interventions.  Call us for more information:  Call:  651-756-8056 or 651-224-5509 today.   

            How do I prevent bed bugs?  Whether you have had them and want to avoid repeated infestations, or you have never had bed bugs and want to avoid their intrusion on your life and business, we can teach you onsite and on line how to protect yourself and your property.  Contact us for more information.  Call:  651-756-8056  or 651-224-5509 today.   

Online Services:  As a contribution to our community, we have created a number of easy to view training modules on bed bugs; their biology, habits, and impact.  Please feel free to share access to this information as a way to better understand and de-mystify their behavior.  Contact us for more information.  Call:  651-756-8056 or 651-224-5509 today.   

Conferences:  Twice a year we participate in conferences sponsored by Hart-Shegos and Associates.  Check the website for upcoming events!  We also offer demonstrations and presentations on bed bug detection and general education.  Contact us for more information on our availability.  Call:  651-756-8056 or 651-224-5509 today.   

On Site Training Services:  We are available to provide onsite training on bed bug prevention and response.  We have training programs for either property managers/business owners, or residents/tenants.  Contact us for more information on our availability.  Call:  651-756-8056 or 651-224-5509 today.    

Click HERE for a sample Bed Bug Control Plan.