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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
Our Reports

A well documented report is an important aspect of our service.  Each report, whether an initial inspection, a follow up inspection, or a routine prevention inspection provides documentation on:

  1. A general summary of the condition of the area to be inspected.  We will identify any conditions (such as garbage and clutter) that could impact on the quality of inspection.
  2. A chart of the inspection walk through – what was inspected and documentation on any positive “finds” Scout identifies.  All “finds” are confirmed visually by the handler. 
  3. An inspection form noting status (clean, “find” without visual confirmation, and “find” with visual confirmation.  If an inspection does not designate a “find” it will state we were unable to detect the scent of bed bugs. 
  4. Pictures or supplemental documentation that may be helpful to pest control remediation efforts.

All reports are available in hard copy and digitally per customer’s request.  For more information, Call:  651-756-8056 or 651-224-5509 today.