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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
Understanding and Responding to Bed Bugs (Elearning)


Bed bugs have made an unwelcome comeback. Learn how you can prevent; respond to; and plan for bed bug infestations while minimizing the impact of harmful toxic chemicals on healthy child development.

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Bed Bug Control Plan


Course Introduction and Acknowledgements


Knowledge Pretest


Lesson 1

What Are Bedbugs: History and Biology


Lesson 2

Prevention Planning: Creating a Bed Bug Control Plan


Lesson 3

Prevention Planning: Operational Policies


Lesson 4

Prevention Planning: Legal Issues


Lesson 5

Prevention Planning: Tenant Education


Lesson 6

Prevention Planning: Staff Education


Lesson 7

Prevention Planning: Inspections


Lesson 8

Response: Contracting with Pest Control Professionals


Lesson 9

Response: Complaint Reporting and Tracking


Lesson 10

Response: Infestation Responses


Lesson 11

Response: Evaluation


Knowledge Post Test