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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
How do we conduct a bed bug inspection?

Upon entering the unit (house or room) Jim leaves Scout in his crate in an uncarpeted area, preferably bath or kitchen.  Scout is not allowed to roam freely.  Before an inspection begins, Jim walks around the perimeter of each room making sure Scout has access to floor and base board wall areas.  Sometimes furniture is moved so that Jim can conduct a visual inspection as well as ensure Scout has full access to furnishings that tend to harbor bugs.  Careful attention is paid in bedrooms, stripping the bed linens, turning the mattresses and pulling the bed away from the wall.  Once the walk-through is finished, Jim takes Scout out of the unit and then back in, so Scout can smell everything in the room from first entry.  Jim will give Scout his head (while still on a lead) encouraging him through a path in and around the unit to be sure all areas of the room, apartment, house, or business are covered.  If no bed bug scents are detected, Jim will take the dog around one more time, encouraging the dog to sniff low and high. 

If during Scout’s search bed bugs are found, Jim will first confirm the “find” visually and then mark the area with a sticky note (like post its ™) and then continue the search – marking each area as it is confirmed visually by Jim.  Some areas may indicate significant infestation; others may only be areas with eggs or bed bug markings.  All findings will be noted on a visual chart of the space along with a written report detailing Jim and Scout’s results.  When possible, Jim will take pictures to provide further documentation.  All of this information will be beneficial to pest control professionals if they are called in for remediation. 

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